How to Convert DjVu to PDF Format ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read


The first part of the write-up concisely explains the DjVu and PDF formats and tells why there is a need to save DjVu file as PDF for publishing or printing documents. Further on, a proper explanation is given on how to convert DjVu to PDF format.

Sadly, right now the DjVu format is famous just among enthusiasts. Most common computer and Internet users have not even known about it.

On the other hand, Portable Document Format (PDF) is a universal thing and every single user has a free Acrobat Reader program installed on their PC.

DjVu to PDF converter makes easy access to documents because then the readers don’t need to install any external viewer or plug-in for viewing the content.

Reasons to Convert DjVu to PDF Format

There are numerous reasons that enforces users to transform DjVu to PDF files.

Easily Readable over all platforms: Whether you read a PDF file on the Mac OS or on Windows PC, it is the same for all. Moreover, mobile applications earlier did not have equal sustenance shared but now they do. Thus, if you convert DjVu to PDF you are on benefitting end for sure.

Huge Popularity:  More than a million documents are available publicly in PDF format.  This clearly shows statistics and displays a perfect picture of what is better.

Versatility: It is another aspect, which makes .pdf preferable. PDFs are obliging for making notes, highlights, comments, annotate, etc. A document that does more than one thing it is doomed to do is better than the document, which is meant for plain reading purpose.

Security: Who would need to have document information without a declaration of security? Probably not you, and not even anyone else, thankfully .pdf safeguards that it doesn’t happen too. There is more than one type of protection reinforced by .pdf.

DjVu to PDF Converter Software

The DjVu to PDF Conversion Tool is designed to convert DjVu files to PDF format. It facilitates to batch save DjVu files as PDF documents. Working with an easy and intuitive interface, you will only require few steps to execute the entire DjVu file to PDF migration. This powerful software also offers you multiple Advanced custom settings to perfect your output PDF documents for easy sharing.

Recommended for all Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

Version Number: 3.0

How to Batch Convert DjVu Files to PDF ?

PLEASE READ: Download the FREE DEMO Version of DjVu to PDF converter software. It grants users to save DjVu files as PDF with certain limitations.
Download for Windows

Now, follow these steps to convert multiple DjVu files to PDF format:

Download and install DjVu Converter Wizard on your Windows machine.

The software provides dual options to upload DjVu documents, i.e. Select Files and Select Folders.


Choose the DjVu folder to upload multiple DjVu files at once.


You will see the location of loaded files on the tool’s panel >> click Next to continue.


Select the required DjVu documents to perform data migration from DjVu to PDF format.


Choose PDF format from the list of file saving options.


Choose the destination path and click on Advanced Mode to use filter options >> click on Convert button.


The software will start converting DjVu files to PDF format.


Once the migration is completed, you will have the message of completion on your screen.


Save DjVu Files as PDF – Amazing Features of Software

Large File Conversion: The DjVu to PDF Converter Software is programmed to handle large and multiple files. Within one round of processing, it can convert large DjVu files to PDF format directly.

Dual File Selection Options: The user can even select a whole DjVu folder or a single file to implement the DjVu to PDF conversion.

Completely Secure Application: It is a safe and bug-free tool that gives the facility to export DjVu to PDF without any data loss issues.

Compatible with All Windows: All versions of Windows OS are supported by tool to print DjVu to PDF format.

Advance Mode Option: The DjVu to PDF Converter offers various custom filter options such as ‘Select a range of pages’, ‘ Select multiple non-contiguous pages’, ‘Image Quality’, ‘All Pages’.

Freely Save Output at any Place: Once you have converted DjVu files to PDF, then you can browse any location for saving the output documents.

Exclude Unwanted Files: After selecting DjVu files, the software loads each item in the UI. Thereafter, you can mark specific DjVu folder or file items for performing DjVu to PDF conversion.

Common User Queries

Q: How to convert DjVu to PDF format?

A: Follow these steps to convert DjVu files to PDF:

  1. Download DjVu to PDF converter software.
  2. Choose *.DjVu files for conversion into PDF.
  3. Select desired DjVu files and choose PDF as the saving option.
  4. Set up required filters from Advance Mode option.
  5. Pick a destination & start converting DjVu files to PDF.

Q: How do I keep 100% image quality while converting DjVu file to PDF?

A: After choosing PDF format from DjVu to PDF converter software, please change the Image Quality of your requirement in the ‘Advanced Mode’ feature.

Q: Can I convert multiple DjVu files to PDF with this software?

A: Yes, using DjVu to PDF offline converter tool, you can convert large DjVu to PDF files.

Q: I have downloaded a file in DjVu format. Now, I wish to export DjVu to PDF format so that I can view the document content from my phone also. Do you know any DjVu to PDF offline converter tool that will help me to implement the same thing?

A: Yes, with BitRecover DjVu to PDF software, you can convert multiple DjVu files to PDF without any hassle.

Q: Can I print DjVu to PDF with your tool?

A: Yes, why not! Try the DjVu to PDF conversion utility for printing DjVu files to PDF documents.


At Last! We would say by utilizing the DjVu to PDF Converter software will help you to do error-free migration from DjVu files to PDF format. The utility is secure to execute the data migration process. The best thing is that integrity of data is kept intact after saving DjVu files as PDF documents.