Top 10 Apps to Check Who Viewed My Instagram Account for Android and iOS

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 8 Min Read

Check Who viewed my Instagram profile ? Are you interested in knowing the answer to this question? Have you heard of the term “Instagram Stalker” or “Insta Stalking”? If you are excited to find the answers to all these questions, you are on the right page. In this article, we will provide the best solution to know who views your Instagram profile or account.

Fortunately, there are some intelligent applications that help you know who see my Instagram profile secretly.

Then, let’s get started.

Table of Content

  1. How to check who views your Instagram profile?
  2. Apps to know your Instagram Stalker – Android & iOS
  3. Expert Advice on how to protect your Insta Account

Checking Instagram is one of the basic activities of many of us. It allows us to see the profile and stories of any member. It is especially popular for sharing images and videos for different purposes. Celebrities and elite people are connected to their fans globally through Instagram. It also helped people promote business, share their thoughts, start a campaign, and many other things.

But, Here The Big Question is Can I Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

Honestly, it is not possible to check who viewed your Instagram profile or account without the help of some applications. A person who stalks an Instagram account secretly (without following) is known as Instagram Stalker. They can create trouble in your life through different means.

So, beware of an Instagram Stalker who follows your Instagram profile, pictures, stories and more.

Instagram Stalker – What is Good and Bad ?

These are some of the trending Insta queries. Such questions come to mind when you find that something non-causal happens to your Instagram account. A stranger knows what you did last night through your Instagram story and the great thing that does not follow you. Does something like this happen to you? If not, it is important to protect your Instagram account from Instagram Stalker or Insta Stalker.

Knowing your Instagram stalker can be a great thing for you and helps you in many ways. But, Instagram OFFICIALLY doesn’t allow tracking the Instagram Stalker or who views your Instagram Profile and stories.

The good news is that there are excellent methods that are quite useful to know:

  • Who viewed your Instagram account online ?
  • Does someone stalk my daily Instagram activities?
  • Who views my Instagram profile regularly ?

Go Ahead. Try the mentioned useful tricks to protect your Instagram account.

Best Practice to Catch the Instagram Stalkers – Free and Secure 

Experts have given us some unbeatable ways to check who stalks my Instagram profile online. This section is defined to help you see who viewed your Instagram profile or stories for free of cost. But, first, let’s know why people want to know who viewed my Instagram profile and story.

The quite basic reason for knowing who views my Instagram account is Popularity and Competition. People take pride in telling that they have huge followers on the Instagram app. There is a competition to gain more followers.

If you know who stalks your Instagram activities, it helps you know to measure your popularity. It’s not that Stalkers and Followers are bad. But, one should not take them leniently as safety is prior.

List of Android Apps to Check Who Viewed My Instagram

  1. Follower Insight for Instagram App

It is a popular application for Instagram to easily check who views your Instagram profile. Using the Follow Insight app for Insta, one can see all the happenings on their Instagram account – follow, unfollow, or block you on Instagram.

How it Works – First download the application. Then, login to an Instagram account to see who stalks your Instagram activities. It gives you notifications about who started following you, unfollows you, and blocked your Instagram account.

What’s Best – This application is absolutely user-friendly. No need for any special skills to start the Follow Insight Insta application. It is safe and gives you a reality check on who viewed my Instagram account.

  1. Follower Analyzer for Instagram Account

It is one of the fantastic applications to keep an eye on Instagram stalker. One can easily get this app on Google PlayStore for Android. iOS users can get this Instagram app from Apple App Store.

How it Works – Download Follow Analyzer Instagram App on your phone. After that, add Instagram credentials to Login and start analyzing your Instagram followers and stalkers.

What’s Best – It is a pretty much helpful application for both Android and iOS users to know who viewed my Instagram app or account. After using the app, you can easily catch your Instagram stalker and have fun.

  1. Check Follower Tracker using Follower Analyzer for Instagram App

This Instagram Analyzer App is a popular application to find out who stalks me on Instagram without following. It provides a day-to-day tracker of your Instagram profile to get a better idea on who follow, unfollow, check, and blocked your Instagram profile and stories.

Using this valuable app you can put a full stop on your search – Can I see who views my Instagram account – profile, story, and pictures?

The application is also capable to answer some commonly asked questions about Instagram Stalking.

  1. How can I see who views your Instagram profile ?
  2. How do I check who viewed your Instagram post or photos ?
  3. Please help to know who viewed your Instagram story ?
  4. How do I stop the Instagram stalker from viewing my account ?

How it Works – The Instagram account Tracker app is designed for Android phones. One can easily download it to get a detailed report on who’s stalking your Instagram account.

  1. FollowMeter App for Insta Account

As per the reports, this FollowMeter application is used by 3 million Instagram users to check who views my Instagram account ? Or who stalks my Instagram app ?

Many call this application as “Instagram Manager.” It provides detailed insights into the following:

– Know who viewed my Instagram profile secretly

 – Discover your ghost or bad followers

 – Find who likes and check your posts

 – Check who keeps follow and unfollow you

 – Gain more followers through discover section

This is not enough. Using the Instagram FollowMeter program user gets a clear track of people checking their Instagram account from time to time. This application is available for an Android user to secure your Instagram account from stalkers.

Apps for iOS Users to check who viewed my Instagram 

  1. Visitors Pro App for Instagram 

If you are someone who is making continuous efforts to know who sees your Instagram profile? Or who saw my photos or Instagram stories? Then your search ends on “Visitors Pro” application.

Start using this app to know who stalks your Instagram account secretly. One can simply download the application on the iOS platform. It helps you collect all your Instagram data and know who’s most interested in checking your Instagram images and stories.

What’s Best – This app provides automatic calculations about who viewed my Instagram profile to easily catch the Instagram stalker. It also lets you know who viewed your Instagram account most frequently.

  1. Ig Analyzer: Instagram Follower Analysis App

It is one of the best apps to know Instagram Stalker for iOS users. After launching this app, one can easily get details about the followers checking and stalking your Instagram account. Also, provides reports for who are interested in checking your Instagram stories and posts.

Ig Analyzer is a wonderful application to answer who views your Instagram application secretly. It sends notifications to know who all are interested in your Instagram stories, post, and videos.

If you are looking for a solution to know can I see who views my Instagram posts then end your search on this IG Analyzer app. It works great on the iOS application. It is one of the excellent applications to know your Instagram Stalker.

  1. Social View App for Instagram Account

If you want to try some more apps to know who is stalking your Instagram activities then you can consider the “SocialView app”. It is an outstanding application for iOS users to keep track of who is viewing or stalking your Instagram account regularly.

What’s Best – It is a free app to know who viewed my Instagram account. It comes with a good GUI.

We hope now that this question can I see who views my Instagram pictures doesn’t trouble you anymore.

  1. SocialPlus App to Find your Insta Stalker 

This app is used by a large number of people due to ease and complete security. It gives users the most accurate results about who viewed my Instagram story. Users can simply download this application for iOS to find out the stalkers of your Instagram account. It is simple, bug-free, and quick to use.

The Bottom Line

This is a note to all the Instagram account handlers that please keep a track on who views your Instagram account? Or does someone follows stalks your Instagram account secretly? It makes your Instagram data (pictures, videos, stories, content, privacy) and other activities safe. In the above blog, we have provided some of the coolest apps to check who follows, unfollow, block, regularly check my Instagram account without following. It’s just a child play with the above-mentioned applications. So, warn your Instagram stalker and protect your Instagram account.

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