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Batch DOC Upgrade and Downgrade Wizard

(Advanced utility to Downgrade DOCX to DOC or batch Upgrade DOC to DOCX for all Microsoft Office documents like Word 2016

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#1 DOC to DOCX or Vice-Versa Converter

(Incredible utility to upgrade or downgrade Word DOC files)
  • Word document downgrade from DOCX to DOC in batch
    With this utility user can now downgrade the Word files by changing DOCX files to DOC format. New Office 2007 and onwards files are stored in .docx format which is not supported on old Word editions before 2007. Similarly, old MS Word program saves documents as .doc file which is also not easily compatible with all Word editions. Therefore, using this utility you can downgrade or upgrade all type of Word documents easily in a batch or group.
  • Upgrade all documents from old Microsoft versions to latest editions
  • Downgrade latest DOCX files to old DOC files in bulk for older MS Word
    New versions of MS Office saves Word documents as .docx files which is unfortunately not supported on older versions of MS Word. Hence use this utility to downgrade the Word documents so that they can be easily open on Word 2003 and all previous versions.
  • Select unlimited .doc/.docx files and convert Word documents quickly
  • Save resultant files after conversion at at user desired path
    The utility asks the users to save the resultant Word documents at user required path. By default, the utility stores all the resultant files in a new folder at Desktop but it also gives users the option to store files at manual location.
  • Obtain separate DOCX document for each DOC Word document
  • Conserves the data quality of all Word document with embedded objects
    The tool is designed in such a way that it upgrades or downgrades the Word documents effectively without making any change in the formatting and all the internal content of the Word file. All the embedded objects like graphs, images, tables, etc. are kept exactly in the same format as it was before the conversion using this utility.
  • 100% secured and safest utility to upgrade/downgrade Word documents
  • Analyze the live Working procedure of tool with current status
    The tool also displays the live working process in its panel. User can easily analyze the working of the tool as well current file status, current folder, number of files converted, number of files remaining etc.
  • Compatible with all Windows Versions & Editions including Windows 10
  • Independent utility to create and upgrade all files as UNICODE Word documents
    The tool does not require any third-party software installation and hence can be used to upgrade all types of orphaned Word documents both DOCX as well DOC files by transfer DOC to DOCX or DOCX to DOC formats. The software can handle all type of Word files form all Office versions. It will save resultant files as .docx if source is .doc file or it will save resultant files as .doc if source file is .docx.
  • Single Panel utility designed to ease the Novice users

Features of Batch DOC Upgrade & Downgrade Wizard
(Advanced utility to Upgrade Word 2003 to 2007, 2010 or 2016)

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Batch Upgrade Word DOC to DOCX

The tool performs the quickest upgradation by allowing batch file transfer. Now upgrade or downgrade all type of Word documents into desired document format as .doc or .docx format. User can load thousands of Word files at single time in the application panel and the utility will transfer all the files to required extension file.

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Downgrade Word DOCX file to DOC

In case a user wants to downgrade the Word files from newer versions of Word to older versions then this utility is best for you in that case. DOCX files are not identified on all Word programs and hence are treated as unsupported files for most of Word versions specially before Word 2007. Convert DOCX to DOC files to open them in older versions.

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Upgrade only selected Word files

The utility allows the users to upgrade only selected folders having DOC files. The tool gives choice to the users to load only the desired files. User can upgrade old Word .doc files to .docx files which are supported on all latest versions of Microsoft Word. Use this utility to obtain Word documents according to your requirements and desires.

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Choose path to save Word files

The tool asks the users to save the resultant Word files at some location according to his ease. By default, the tool will store all the resultant Word files at Desktop in a separate folder named with BitRecover Date & Time format. The user can also save the resultant files at some location according to his requirements.

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Separate DOCX for every DOC file

The best thing about this utility that to be mentioned is it can perform conversion with very easy. The user will receive a separate new Word file for each old file after conversion. Suppose you have 500 .doc files and when you perform conversion these files user will receive Word files as 500 .docx files. The same is applicable in the reverse pattern.

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Easy Solution to Upgrade Word Docs

The DOC Upgrade & Downgrade Wizard does not require any software or third-party utility to perform the conversion. The tool works completely in an independent environment and hence anyone can convert Word files without installing Microsoft Word in the system. Upgrade or downgrade Word files now to open in other Microsoft Word program.

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Upgrade / Downgrade all Word Documents

The utility is best to Upgrade Word 2013 to 2016, Word 2011 to 2016, Word 2007 to 2016, Upgrade Word 2013 or Downgrade Word 2010 to 2003, Word 2013 to 2007, Word 2016 to 2003, Word 2010 to 2007, Word 2016 to Word 2003 or later vrsions of MS Word. If source files are .docx it will save resultant files as .doc as well vice-versa.

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Preserves all Word file formatting & content

All the formatting and embedded objects of the Word file are kept original while transferring the Word file extension. When a user choose option to batch convert DOCX to DOC or DOC to DOCX file, then all objects like Graphs, Images, WordArt, Charts, Basic Shapes, Pictorials, Animations, 3D Effects, Shadows, and other included properties exactly original.

How to Upgrade and Downgrade MS Word Documents?

DOC Upgrade & Downgrade Converter Software Specifications

Program Name:
Batch DOC Upgrade & Downgrade Wizard
File size:
6.2 MB
Program Type:
System Requirements:
Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Minimum 30 MB Space
Operating System
Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 98, 97, 2000, etc

Demo limitation

Download demo version of this application free of cost for analyzing the working procedure and efficiency of software. The free edition of this utility can Upgrade or downgrade DOCX to DOC only first 5 Word files.

How to Upgrade Word 1997-2003 DOC to Word 2007-2016 DOCX file in Batch?


A: Yes, the utility will save resultant files as DOC files if the source file is DOCX file and vice-versa easily.
A: No, the utility is designed specially to work on Windows. Hence, it is only compatible with Woindows OS and supports all its latest versions and editions.

Client Testimonials



Ben Cocks, Istanbul Nov 11, 2017

I am a legal advisor at CJI. I regularly get Word documents from different sources. As I have now Office 2010 in my system so I want to upgrade all my old DOC files as well newly received documents as .doc files to .docx format. I have a large number of database so did your software helps me to deal with this issue?




Author - Replied on Nov 13, 2017

Yes, this DOC Upgrade or downgrade utility can upgrade large number of old .doc to .docx format. You can save all Word documents as DOCX files which is supported on all latest versions of Microsoft Word.

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