Windows Image Backup Recovery Software

Backup Recovery Wizard

Data Recovery Tool for Windows Image Backup

(Supports data recovery from major Windows backup files (.vhd & .vhdx files)

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Windows Image Backup Recovery Software

Backup Recovery Wizard is a powerful solution to extract and recover files & folders from inaccessible, corrupt or crashed Windows image backup files with .vhd or .vhdx extension.

For System Admins: Highly recommended tool to retrieve & extract data from Windows Backup VHD & VHDX files.

Special Features of Windows Backup Recovery Wizard

  • Extract data from Windows image backup files
  • Note: To recover a deleted Windows Image backup file or folder from your computer, Use "Data Recovery Wizard" software.
  • Preview data saved and available in your Windows backup file.
  • Option to search, locate & save required files only from Windows backup.
  • Successfully Tested with Windows image backup files with file size more than 1 TB.
  • Supports Windows backup files created in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008.

Demo Version

Trial Edition will allow to preview data, as saving option is disabled in free version. You have to purchase license of the software to save your recovered data.

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Program Name:
Backup Recovery Wizard
File Size:
1.22 MB
Program Type:
System Requirements:
Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Minimum 30 MB Space
Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc
Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2000

Generic FAQs

The process to recover data from Windows backup utility after system failure/corruption is known as the process of Backup and Recovery. Data Backup requires copying and archiving computer data, so that it could be accessible in case of any data loss or corruption. But data from backup can only be recovered if it has been backed up timely. Windows backup restore is an inevitable part of Disaster Recovery plans.

Updated technology offers facility to save bulk amount of data in cloud. Now, archiving of local system hard drive or saving data in external drive is slowly losing its importance. Every smartphone now a days comes with the advance Cloud Technologies featuring setup for cloud storage

The process to restore files from Windows backup varies according to the nature of data and mode of recovery process selected. How simple and convenient data recovery process mainly depends on the type of data you have in backup file.

Basic types of backups are

  • Normal/full backups
  • Copy backups
  • Differential backups
  • Incremental backups
  • daily backups
  • According to your plan, you probably want to perform full backups on a weekly basis and supplement this with daily, differential or incremental backups. If you want, you can also create extended backup set for monthly and quarterly backups which contains additional files that are not being backed up regularly.

    Note: Sometimes, the data lose will go unnoticed for days or months as the lost data may not be in regular use. That kind of data that is important but is not noticed and thus is lost can create data disaster at times. To avoid this situation, you have to be prepared for extra set of backups accordingly on monthly or quarterly basis. This will help you get historical trails of data for easy backup recovery.

    People are much worried about Reliability, extensibility, capacity, cost etc. while planning data backup. Thorough understanding about one’s business nature and need of data planning can help to overcome most of the confusions and select the appropriate backup plans.

    Most commonly used backup solutions are:

  • Tape Drives
  • Removable disks
  • Magnetic optical drives
  • Digital audio tape (DAT) drives and many more.

  • Troubleshooting FAQs

    Yes, Windows Image Backup recovery software will help you recover your data from your corrupt Windows 7 backup files, saves as .vhd files for every volume.

    Yes, you can easily restore your files from Windows 10 backup files. Software allows you to extract files from your Windows 10 backup files and you can selectively extract individual files or restore all files from Windows backup file.


    I was searching for backup recovery tool and got this great product.

    - Calvin, USA

    The software makes me to recover data from even broken backup files. It save saved my crucial data

    - Santa C, Spain

    Software does exactly recovering of data with all accurate details.

    - Benham, UK

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    tested with 3 tb hdd

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    Got 100% accurate data recovery results. Great Tool.

    - Mike Lochart, USA