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View & open pfc files without AOL installation

(Supports All versions of AOL Desktop Version PFC files including v9.7 and all below versions.)

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All-in-one Free AOL PFC Viewer tool

Free PFC viewer is a simple and easy to use intelligently designed email file viewer application for viewing Personal Filing Cabinet aka PFC extension files which are inaccessible without installing AOL Desktop application. Highly recommended and helpful utility to investigate evidences from .pfc mailbox files or old pfc files.

What all free pfc file viewer can do

  • Easy-to-use free tool to view multiple PFC files along with attachments
  • Option to search within AOL PFC file to locate a word in .pfc email messages
  • No AOL Desktop email client installation is require to view .pfc files
  • Supports corrupt .pfc files. Recovers messages from corrupt .pfc file using MessageSense™ technology
  • PFC File Viewer tool has got in-built viewer facility which provides immediate preview of pfc email messages.
  • Maintains email message formatting of AOL PFC messages during message preview.
  • Runs on Windows 10 & all below Windows OS versions

Generic FAQs

The PFC file stands for Personal Filing Cabinet which is associated with America Online applications. It stores email messages, contact information and user bookmarks. These files are referenced by AOL software and are not meant to be opened manually. However, the contents of a PFC file can be opened by using a commercial third party utility program.

An error occurred while loading a file. AOL will attempt to restore the file when trying to access the .pfc file using AOL desktop application.

PFC is a filing system which coordinates and stores the email messages on local machine hard disk so that users can access the messages in offline mode.

Default Location of .pfc file

  • For Windows XP:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AOL\C_AOL9.0\organize

  • For Windows 7:

    C:\ProgramData\AOL\C_AOL Desktop 9.7\backup

  • For Windows 10:

    C:\ProgramData\AOL\C_AOL Desktop 9.7\backups

Sometimes users login with different account and unable to access the AOL application or someone has sent you a PFC file you want to open it in your local machine without AOL application. In this scenario, Free PFC Reader will help to view & open PFC mails without AOL. Every username or account has its own personal PFC file in the organize folder. Each PFC can be accessible only for PFC Viewer if it is not accessible by AOL application.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Yes, this tool surely work on Windows 10 as it is compatible with all the versions of Windows.

PFC File Reader would be the best preference for viewing your email file. There is no requirement of AOL desktop application to read PFC file.

No, there is no limitation of size. You can easily open and preview any number of PFC mail files with the help of PFC File Opener.

You can use BitRecover Free PFC Reader to read all AOL PFC mail.

No, you can not access the attached documents of PFC. The tool preserves the internal attachment but not the external attachment. You can view the attachment name with file extension.

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