How to Download Images from Pinterest Account to Computer ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Pinterest is one of the most talked social platforms. In general, Pinterest helps to discover creative ideas. Whether you’re looking for a recipe, quotes, accessories or more.

People usually bookmark or save the photo in one of their Boards. If you are an active Pinterest user, you should be familiar with the boards. These boards can be public or private and can be shared with others.

However, these Boards are only available within the Pinterest website or application and that does not work offline. There may be times when you want to see that collection that you saved in one of the panels without internet connectivity. What to do in such situations?

Familiarize Yourself with Pinterest Download App

Pinterest Downloader App is a powerful Windows tool for downloading and saving images on PC. It is the best and easiest tool for anyone to download photos from the Pinterest account. It has no limitations. You can download several photos from Pinterest and simply share them with friends and family.

Even this tool allows you to download images from Pinterest board. Pinterest Photo Downloader works fast and is effective. It is developed to provide an easy way to make a backup of all Pinterest photos on the computer desktop. Now, you can simply save your favorite photos to PC with image quality maintained.

Steps to Download Pinterest Images on Windows

Follow the given steps to download multiple Pinterest images at once.

Step-1: Run the Pinterest Downloader App.

Step-2: Enter your Pinterest account username & password.

Step-3: Choose the post that you want to download. Provide a destination location.

Step-4: Click on the Save button. All your Pinterest photos downloaded to Computer.

Note: The Pinterest Photo Downloader allows you to backup multiple images at once. Also, your personal information remains secured with Pinterest Downloader App.


Top 8 Features of the Best Pinterest Downloader App

  1. Pinterest Download Tool is an easy-to-application. Compatible with all Windows OS.
  2. With the help of an expert solution, download Pinterest images to the PC.
  3. Freeware tool to download all albums and pins of any user from Pinterest.
  4. It allows you to download original Pinterest images with quality.
  5. The solution supports multiple languages for the download process.
  6. It is a very useful tool to download images from the album with a resolution.
  7. You can easily download images from Pinterest with a few clicks.
  8. No external software installation is required to bulk Image downloader Pinterest.

FAQ’s – How can I Download My Pinterest Photos?

Check out some commonly asked user questions to backup all photos from the Pinterest account.

Can I download my year’s images from Pinterest?

Ans. Yes, you can download any and all Pinterest photos.

I have thousands of photos on my Pinterest account. Can I do all my Pinterest pics on Computer?

Ans. Yes, you can download all pics from the Pinterest account. The Pinterest Downloader App has no limitations.

Can I download any image from Pinterest with the help of Pinterest Downloader?

Ans. Yes, you can download images from the Pinterest account. But, you just need the user name and password.


I am an active user of Pinterest. And, I promote my startup business on it. I uploaded more than thousands of images on Pinterest. Now, I want to download Pinterest images in bulk. How can I do this? Professionals, please help!

Michael, United States

Pinterest Photo Downloaderにはとても満足しています。 数分ですべてのInsta Postsをダウンロードしました。 作業は非常に簡単で、目的の場所に保存できます。 Pinterestの写真を保存するための素晴らしいソリューション。

Sakura, Japan


Now, you can download all the images from a Pinterest app in an easy way. The Pinterest Downloader application is an automatic solution to save bulk Pinterest images to computer. Then, to view and download images from Pinterest, install the best Pinterest photo downloader.