How to Migrate Thunderbird to Claws Mail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Do you want to migrate Thunderbird to claws mail? If yes then you are on the right page.

Here you will get the complete and informative knowledge to convert Mozilla Thunderbird to claws mail.

Thunderbird and claws mail are well-known to us. Both of these applications are widely used all around the world. On the other hand, Thunderbird has several downsides. Many people are considering migrating Thunderbird to Claws Mail as a result of these issues.

We must first examine Thunderbird and Claws Mail to fully comprehend the difficulties and solutions at hand.

Thunderbird is a freeware, cross-platform as well as open-source, and news client. In it, various accounts can be managed and configured according to users’ requirements with different features. Thunderbird supports LDAP auto-complete email addresses.

Claws Mail is a GTK + based email app and newsreader. It is the updated edition of Sylpheed. It shares Sylpheed’s functionality including MH mailbox format and it also handles MBOX file format.

Let us try to understand by looking at the queries of the users why they want to migrate Thunderbird to Class Mail.

User’s Challenges

“Hello there, I’ve been using Thunderbird for three years, but I’ve changed my mind after reading about the advantages of claws mail. But I have no idea how to migrate Thunderbird to claws mail. So, please advise on the best strategy for relocating Thunderbirds to their claws mail counterparts. Thunderbird data contains a lot of information.”

“Hey, my boss assigned me the responsibility of transferring all Thunderbird data from those employees who had resigned in the previous month to claws mail. Currently, I am unable to find a solution that will allow me to import all of my Thunderbird data into claws mail without any data loss. I need to complete my assignment before my boss returns from vacation.”

As you can see, different users have a variety of issues to contend with. To help you overcome these issues, we’ve included the best solutions below.

Pro-Solutions to Export Thunderbird Emails to Claws Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird File converter Software is One of the best and most preferred solutions is to migrate Thunderbird to claws mail. This solution allows converting Thunderbird to MBOX format so first convert the email messages. It is technically advanced software that is able to load Mozilla Thunderbird emails automatically in the software panel.

This software comes with sophisticated features, some of them are features are elaborate below:

Für Windows herunterladen Für Mac herunterladen

Strong Points of Thunderbird to Claws Mail Software

  • Users can choose the Thunderbird data direct from the application or also choose data manually to migrate Thunderbird to claws mail.
  • Also, this software allows users to convert Mozilla Thunderbird emails and contacts & calendars.
  • I am converting multiple users: users can migrate data from multiple user profiles to save their time.
  • This software previews all the selected data on the screen before the migration.
  • It gives you the ability to choose the route to your location based on your preferences.
  • Also, this software is capable to load multiple data and convert into claws mail without any hassle.

How Does This Software Works?

Here are 2 steps to migrate Thunderbird to claws mail, first we will export Thunderbird data to MBOX file format because claws mail supports MBOX files. Then we will import the converted MBOX files into claws mail.

Step 1: Export Thunderbird Data to MBOX

  1. Download and install the software properly on your device.

    Download and install the software

  2. Now click on “Emails” or “Contact & calendars” according to your need.

    click on Emails or Contact & calendars

  3. Now select the data automatically from the Thunderbird account or select manually.

    select the data automatically

  4. Enable “I am converting multiple users” option for multiple user’s profile and click on the Next icon.

    I am converting multiple users

  5. Now all the data will show on the software’s panel.

    Now all the data will show

  6. Next click on the “Select Saving Option” and choose “MBOX” from the drop down.

    click on the “Select Saving Option”

  7. Now browse the destination path, where you want to save the converted data.

    browse the destination path

  8. At last, click on the next icon to start the procedure.

    click on the next icon

Step 2: Export Thunderbird Data to MBOX

  1. Open the claws mail application on your system.
  2. And click on the “file” tab from the top of the corner.
  3. Now choose the option “import MBOX File”.
  4. And browse the converted file and import it.

you can see how straightforward it is, also, this software provides you the trial version, you can use it to see how does software works. Many people are still looking for manual solutions to migrate Thunderbird to Claws Mail. However, I would want to caution individuals who utilize manual methods that there is no guarantee and that there is also a chance of data loss.

As a result, don’t put your faith in them. However, if you wish to make use of those tactics, please make sure that you are aware of all of their restrictions before putting them into action.


Clients Reviews on Thunderbird to Claws Mail Software

“Thank you BitRecover for such a helpful and reliable software to access. It takes only a few seconds to convert all email data from Thunderbird to Claws Mail in exact form.”

“Really an ultimate software to access with the simple graphical user interface. It does need any technical skill to access it and convert all my data along with all attachments and Metadata. Thank You, Thunderbird to Claws Mail Tool.”

“Easy and simple software to utilize and the best part about the tool is that it automatically detects all Thunderbird email data from store location after launching the software in the system. Thank you, BitRecover for Thunderbird, to Claws Mail Software.”

Final Words

Above, we discussed in detail how to migrate Thunderbird to Claws Mail with the help of one of the most reliable software. Although this software has many complex capabilities, if you have any doubts, you can try out the trial version, which has some limits, before purchasing the full version. So, try it out and see how well the software performs. I hope you enjoyed reading the post.