How to Recover Deleted Videos from DVR Hard Drive?

Mark Regan | September 25th, 2020 | Recover Your Data

CCTV video footages are very important for investigation and evidences. They are stored in hard drives, Memory Cards and other storage media, these crucial videos can get deleted or lost due to human error, technical flaws, power break down or natural calamities. But there is no need to worry as these videos or images can be recover easily. All CCTV videos and lost recordings can be recovered.

Causes of DVR video loss

There are several situations that may result in the loss of CCTV/DVR video. These are: –

  • Accidental footage deletion
  • Damage to hard drive firmware
  • DVR runs of space
  • Recorder hard drive mechanical failure
  • Disk corruption or re-formatting
  • Power break down
  • Environmental hazardous like fire, moisture, water.
  • Natural calamities.

How to Recover lost or deleted CCTV/DVR data  

DVR data recovery is challenging and requires technical expertise to restore deleted videos and images with maintaining the original quality of the video. User can easily recover deleted surveillance videos/footages by using professional DVR data recovery software as well.

Our professional team has expertise in recovering simple as well as complex data loss scenario such as accidental deletion, crash, formatting, physically damaged, burnt and more of DVR.

We have capabilities to recover video footages from almost all types and brands of CCTV cameras.

  • Recovery from popular brands like:  Swan, Zmodo, Samsung, CP Plus, Bosch, SONY, Godrej, HIKIVISION, Sricam, and others.
  • Recovery of both common and unique video file formats of various CCTV Cameras.
  • Recover from all CCTV camera types: Bullet CCTV, Dome CCTV, C-mount CCTV, Zoom cameras, Night vision CCTV, Network/IP CCTV, Wireless CCTV, High definition (HD)CCTV and others.

Restore from DVR hard drive backup

If user have backed up the CCTV surveillance videos to another connected removable disk drive or some cloud storage, then user can easily transfer the backup file back to the original hard drive, or directly view the lost footages on the backup drive.

Step 1. First, they have to find and open the video backup folder.

Step 2. Then they have to locate the exact video that have been deleted or lost from the CCTV or DVR hard drive/SD card.

Step 3. Finally copy and store the found video back to the disk/SD card.

User can use this simple method to get back his/her deleted video footages of DVR.

CCTV/DVR data recovery service cost

CCTV/DVR data recovery service cost can be estimated only after completion of analysis of DVR storage drive.

The CCTV/DVR data recovery cost depends on the following situations: –

  1. Type of damage of CCTV/DVR.
  2. Complexity of data loss.
  3. Physical condition of DVR.
  4. Storage drive’s capacity of DVR.

Can overwritten CCTV footage be recovered?

Yes, to some degree user can recover part of overwritten files after deletion or formatting. It’s kind of a big challenge for any data recovery software to recover lost files, of which the marked ’empty’ space has been occupied by random data.

By learning all the aspects that assist a full recovery of CCTV DVR videos, images, footages or other data, we know that data recovery software is dependable to revive us from pains in most data loss scenarios. However, if we take a real-time backup, we can survive from 100% data loss events without losing the evidence of a burglary, theft or other crimes, to largely guarantee home and office security.

Some queries of users

Query 1. What are the reasons for loss of CCTV footage?

Solution. There are many reasons that leads to loss of CCTV footage. Some of the major reasons are accidental deletion of footage, DVR hard disk damage, failed DVR system, damaged DVR circuit board, fire, natural calamities etc.

Query 2. Can I recover videos from the CCTV/DVR that has been damaged due to lightning?

Solution. Yes, you can recover videos from CCTV/DVR damaged due to lightning. If the hard drive is being detected by your computer, use software to restore lost videos. If the hard drive is physically damaged, bring it to your nearest Data Recovery Services Center.

Bottom line

DVR data recovery is a special process, which requires special DVR recovery tools. Thus, it is important to have a high -quality DVR recovery software or good team of professionals who will help in recovering the deleted DVR data. Our professional team is specialized in recovering lost data, no matter how tough the situation is, they fill find solution for that Recovering deleted data of DVR.