Remove Watermark from PDF Files

Security is the most important aspect that every user looks out for and demands these days. In the scenario of big data, the demand for data security is compulsory and demanded in many forms. Different forms of security vary based on different data types, like encryption, password protection, restriction, and more. Watermarking is one of the many ways to secure your data with ownership rights. PDF features most of these security measures and supports them well. Security that is implemented also requires to be removed someday depending on the situation. Similarly, the need for PDF watermark remover has increased in the recent past. This increase in the requirement has been observed owing to situations like unavailability of the authorized owner of the document, brand reestablishment demanding a change of watermark, and so on. The blog here defines and elaborates the selection process for a PDF watermark removing solution. Read on to know more about the same in detail and with options.

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Authorize the Ownership of PDF with Watermark

Watermarking is not exactly a direct method of protecting a document, but indeed a procedure that helps ensure PDF ownership. When a document is watermarked with a personalized image / text, it comes under the ownership of the respective person. Meanwhile, the same document is watermarked with a company name (text) / logo (image) then it becomes the entity of the respective organization.

The watermarked document then becomes the personal or professional entity of its respective owner, whether a person or an organization. PDFs are the legally accepted, most organized, and flexible forms of document format. Therefore, more and more users implement its usage for different purposes - legal or whatsoever.

Watermarking: PDFs come with a large number of security options to choose. However, many go with watermarking. The reason being, passwords can be cracked, restrictions can be removed with the mere use of a commercial utility.

However, a watermark legally notifies the document to be the entity of its user and any misuse of its content or removal of watermark by illegal means can result in legal proceedings. It is hard to trust distributors with your copy of the document that they will not modify, misuse, or distort the document contents once received.


Considerations for PDF Watermarking

Portable documents generally consist of information that is confidential or classified. Therefore, the need of security is extreme in such cases, which is why Adobe features multiple options to help you secure your data.

However, the same PDF is used at personal and small-scale commercial levels too. Thus, online viewing facility and access to public audience has to be provided to such documents of little or no commercial purpose.

  • You can implement high security measures using password protection.
  • Alternatively, you can also assign security in an indirect form on your portable document via restricting activities on it.

Moreover, what happens when these documents are printed? After printing, a document and its contents are officially detached from all the security layers that had been assigned to them. The hard copy of a PDF is now all yours and can be used in whichever way you desire.

Role of Watermarking: Watermarks ensure securing a document as a soft as well as hard copy. Therefore, your document - no matter wherever it reaches - it remains under your ownership. A watermark ensures that your document is identified as your entity and not somebody else’s’, even when it is printed.

  • Security maintained as a soft copy as well as a hard copy
  • Helps distinguish documents and gives them an identity

Watermarks are a good way to ensure control over a document and helps in its categorization.


PDF Watermark Remover Approaches

Applying watermarks is good for security and ownership. What if the owner leaves and there is no one to claim the ownership?

Yes, that is when you need to remove watermark from PDF file. There is point until when you can sustain certain measure. Once that duration is exceeded, the measure becomes outdated and of no use to the entity. Removal of watermark is a tedious job when the document has unlimited pages and you have to do it manually from each page.

Amongst the available approaches, one is online watermark removal and the other is software based.

  • 1. For security purpose, it is best not to use websites that claim to remove PDF watermark free online. The service providers require you to upload the document on their website, which goes into their database on the backend. This way the document becomes vulnerable to misuse in any form:
    a. Can be misused by the service providers
    b. Can be sold to competitor organizations
  • 2. Meanwhile, when you are using a third party application you are downloading the product on your machine. Thus, the document goes nowhere and remains within your reach. In fact, the procedure to remove watermark from document is all performed by the user with the help of the software on their own machine.


PDF Watermark Removal Tool

This third party application is of commercial use. However, the accuracy of successful removal of watermark from a PDF document is guaranteed along with the provision of an additional range of features to support the process:

  • Successful removal of watermarks guaranteed without modification of content. The software ensures that no content from the document is modified or compromised with when watermark removal process is executed with the software.
  • Removing watermark from PDF files in batch is possible with the tool. Multiple numbers of watermarked documents can be loaded on the software for removal of the watermark in any or all forms.
  • Watermark of all types removed with embedded images too. When using the software, you are guaranteed the removal of text as well as image based watermarks along with embedded images as stamps, signatures, logo, etc.
  • Progress summary is provided at the end of watermark removal. A summarized report is generated automatically by the software at the end of the watermark removal process to ensure the user is well informed.
  • Freeware trial edition offered for product testing on a prior note. You can batch remove PDF watermark free with the trial version and then invest on the licensed edition post complete understanding of the tool.

What to Do: When wanting to remove watermark, it is not the same as applying it. When you are applying watermark you need to concentrate on one document at a time. However, when removal is concerned - all you need is to select all the documents and remove the watermark from them at once. For such purposes, it is best to go for a third party PDF watermark remover product. Commercial utilities are the best for the very fact that they demand least amount of user input and workout in the best possible manner with maximum customization options.


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