How to Remove Outlook Duplicates

Mark Regan | July 18th, 2016 | Convert Your Data

People who have been using Outlook for a time and have just a few hundred communications in their inbox or any other folder, then they are most liable to face the difficulty of duplicate emails and are looking to remove Outlook duplicates. Simply being honest, it is figured out that an ordinary Outlook user acquires approximately 50-100 messages in a day. So, normally we have thousands of emails stuck in assorted folders & we may not have an idea of how many duplicated emails in reality are there in our Outlook. If there are duplicate emails in Outlook, then, there might be great confusion in it. It will begin to slow down in execution. Also, you can withdraw all your Outlook matches from PST files using a simple way.
Reason for occurrence of duplicate emails

There can be assorted number of reasons that can cause Outlook duplicates.

  1. Getting multiple copies of a specific email has been just because many a times several companies send the same email or a blog or a newsletter again & again just to attain your attention towards them.
  2. When the synchronization process goes on with your laptop or your mobile, then sometimes the process gets discontinued, this may cause duplication.
    3. Always make sure that the option of Leaving Messages is inactive. Otherwise, it might lead to unwanted duplicate messages in your mailbox.
    4. Always make sure of merging multiple files because the process of merging files incorrectly, might result in duplication.

How to remove email duplicates

Before getting on to the point of learning about how to remove email duplicates, let’s first know how to get rid of such problem. Always maintain the pace and execution of your Outlook by cleaning all your mailbox in a daily manner. By cleaning it does mean to remove the mailbox data, but to remove the unwanted items. In this way, you can easily keep your Outlook up-to-date.

To remove email duplicates, there are two methods:

  1. Manual Trick – Takes time because of doing everything manually.
  2. Third-Party Tool.

These are the steps to be followed as per your Outlook 2010 version:

Step 1: Install MS Outlook on your system.

Step 2: Choose the folder from where the duplicate items are to be deleted.
Step 3: Now, click on the View tab & then click on the Change View button.
Step 4: Here, you need to change the folder view to a table type view.
Step 5: Now, right-click on the column header & then click on Field Chooser option.
Step 6: From the entire list shown at the top of Field Chooser, select the required field.
Step 7: Drag the altered field of the table header.
Step 8: All the duplicate items you need to withdraw should have a unique date.
Step 9: Now, select the items that you want to take off.
Step 10: Finally, press Delete button to permanently delete all the chosen items.

Third Party Tool
It is a kind of software utility that can easily & rapidly remove all the duplicate items including emails, notes, journal entries or even attachments. This Outlook duplicate remover tool is an award-winning solution for withdrawing Outlook duplicates in just a couple of mouse clicks. This tool is accessible with a free demo edition that allows to remove duplicate items.

No longer you to be worried about duplicates anymore. Follow the above-mentioned methods and remove the Outlook duplicates.