How to Migrate Your Entire Google Account to a New One?

Mark Regan | November 14th, 2020 | Move Data

Are you looking for a full-proof technique for solving “how to migrate your entire google account to a new one” related problems? Now you can stop your search here because here I am just suggesting you the easiest method for solving your queries. After reading this informative tutorial, anyone can easily move whole Google account to a new one email id inclusive of emails, contacts, calendars, and google drive items.

What is entire Google account ?

After creating an email account on Gmail, Google allows users to access all its services. In simple words, a Gmail account is also known as a Google account. The entire Google account has multiple important items such as Gmail, Contacts, Calendars, Google Drive, Photos, etc. Even after creating a Google account users can access some important Google’s services i.e. YouTube, Google Play, Google Ads, Blogger, Maps, Slides, Books, etc.

Migrate your entire Google account to a new one – Steps

1 – Migrate whole emails with components

You can use software like Gmail Backup Wizard that is capable for transferring entire Google emails to a new one email account. The tool is recommended by most of professional users because it provides a 100% accurate result without any data loss.

Download for Win OS

Download New Purchase New

Download for Mac OS

Download New Purchase New

1 – Start the tool and enter Google account credentials that you want to migrate to a new one account. Thereafter, click on the Login button.

enter Google account credentials

2 – After that, it will show all Google email folders, select them, and choose Gmail from the list of saving options.

Select Google email folders

3 – Now fill new Gmail account login details and use advanced settings if needed.

Advanced settings

4 – Thereafter, click on the Backup button to migrate entire Google account emails to a new one.

How to Migrate Your Entire Google Account to A New One

5 – After completion, login to your new Google account and preview imported emails.

whole google account to a new one

2 – Migrate entire Google contacts to new one

Firstly export contacts in CSV contacts

  • Click on Google App (three-dot grid) icon from your Gmail account.
  • After that, choose Contacts and press the Export button.
  • Now you can export contacts as Google CSV or vCard files.
  • Choose Google CSV from available options and press the Export button.
  • Thereafter select a destination path to store exported CSV contacts.

Secondly, import CSV contacts in a new Gmail account

  • Login to your new Gmail account and choose Google App (three-dot grid) icon.
  • Thereafter, select Contacts and click on the Import button.
  • Now hit on the Select file button and browse the exported CSV contact file.
  • Choose CSV contact file from your pc and press Open for importing entire contacts.

3 – Migrate entire Google calendars to new one

  • First of all, click on the Three Dot Grid (Google App) icon and choose the Calendar option.
  • Now you can see all Google account calendars after that select them accordingly.
  • Thereafter, click on the three dots (options for my calendar) icon and choose the settings and sharing option.
  • Select the Access permissions option and click on the Add people option from Share with specific people.
  • After that, Add email or name and choose an option to manage your permission.
  • At last, click on the Send button for sharing the permission to access Google calendars.
  • After that, users can access whole Google account calendars to a new one.

4 – Migrate entire Google drive & photos to new one

Now users can easily share entire Google drive to new one email id. First of all, open your old Google drive and choose any item accordingly. After that click on the People icon for sharing drive with another person. Enter a new Google account email address, choose permissions as per your choice, and hit on the Done for sharing entire Google drive permission to the new one. After that, users can access Google drive information using new one Google account. In the same way, users can also migrate entire Google photos to new one email id.


I hope that now you have got a professional technique for solving “How to migrate your entire Google account to a new one” related issues. Here I have provided you the complete information to migrate whole Google account to a new one such as Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Photos, and Drive Items. The above-mentioned software is beneficial for downloading emails with all components in multiple standard email formats, document formats, email clients, cloud-email services, and email servers.