How To Export Contacts From Gmail Account ?

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Gmail has been an important asset to our personal or professional life. It has overcome all barriers of communication and make our life simpler. You might already have a personal Gmail account that provides important functions on your phone. Whether you want to buy applications from the Google Play store or you want to use Google Drive for storing data. One more important feature that this useful email service provides is that you can export contacts from Gmail to android phones too. With Gmail, you can easily manage your address book. Well, your address book isn’t connected to one Gmail address. You can export Gmail contacts to Outlook 2019 or export Gmail contacts to Thunderbird.

Hi, I’m Kelly and currently working in a software company. My initial attraction to Gmail was that it claimed to have the best email service prominent today. I use it for both personal and professional purposes. One of my Gmail account is meant for saving all my clients’ details, contacts information, etc. I was trying to export contacts from Gmail to computer for creating a backup. I need to export a large database of Gmail contacts to my desktop. Please suggest me a solution for the same!

In the contacts section, it is quite easy to find the Import or Export button where if you follow the right guide, you can easily export Google contacts. However, the huge problem is that many times Gmail contacts entirely ignores the database present in the chosen file. The repercussions are that you wind up newly added contacts with the old ones.

Are you still wondering where are your contacts in Gmail account? Fear not! In this step-by-step Guide, we’ll go over:

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How to Export Contacts from Gmail account to Computer ?

Manually Export Contacts From Gmail to Phone ?

How To Export Contacts From Gmail to Another Gmail Account ?

Export Google Contacts in VCF Format to Multiple File Formats ?

How to Export Contacts From Gmail Account To Computer ?

Follow these steps to export Google contacts on computer:

Step1: Open Gmail account and at the top-right corner of the Home page you can see a square made up of nine dots (these shows applications) :


Step2: Hit on this square and search for Contacts in the drop-down menu. If you can’t see a contact app, just press on the More option and add it.


Step3: Now, once you have clicked on the blue “contacts” icon, the following screen will appear in front of you. You may have a bunch of contacts or you don’t have any till now. If you have contacts already present, you can skip Step4 and proceed towards Step 5.


Step4: You can create a contact in many ways. One way is to click on Create contacts tab and it will ask you to fill some entries like First Name, Last name, etc. Then, click on the Save button and a new contact is created.


Another super-easy way is to simply hover the mouse cursor over the email in your inbox folder. Wait for the pop-up box and just press on the Add to Contacts.


Step5: Now, select an Export Option

Google CSV – If you want to export contacts from Gmail into a Google account.
Outlook CSV – If you want to export Gmail contacts to Outlook.
vCard format – Export Google contacts to Apple address book or any other applications.


Step6: Download the Gmail contact address book to your desktop. The file name may be like gmail.csv (for Google CSV), or contacts.vcf (for vCard format).


Step7: Now, your exported file can be opened in Excel with just a double-click.


A similar process can be followed to export Google contacts to VCF (vCard format).

Manually Export Contacts From Gmail to Phone

How do I export my contacts from Gmail to my android phone ? This question is something that comes in mind of every Gmail user. You can simply export Google contacts to phone with this manual guide as described below.

Here’ the very simple workflow:

Firstly, follow the 7 steps mentioned in the above section and then do as follow:

  • Once you have exported Gmail contacts on desktop, now you can connect your android phone to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Just copy the exported contacts from Gmail account to your android phone and then disconnect the phone.
  • Now, Enter Contacts in android phone. Go to the Settings column and then tap on the Import/ Export Contacts tab.
  • Choose a destination where the exported contacts are stored and save contacts to Device.
  • A pop-up box will appear on the screen, select either Import vCard file, Import multiple vCard files, Import all vCard files.

How To Export Contacts From Gmail to Another Gmail Account

There are multiple situations where individuals often change their Gmail account. Then they start cribbing about losing their contacts from the old Gmail account. However, manually you can export Gmail contacts to another Gmail account. Here’s how one can do it:

  • Firstly, login to the Gmail account and follow the steps mentioned above of “how to export contacts from Gmail to computer”.
  • Thereafter, once you have exported the CSV file on computer, now, you can logout from the source Gmail account. Enter the credentials of the new Gmail account and again go to the Contacts section.
  • Now, instead of choosing Export, you need to pick the Import option. Now, select the exported CSV file here and click Import. That’s it!

Export Google Contacts in VCF Format to Multiple File Formats

There is a super easy method to export contacts from Gmail account in VCF format to other file formats. Recently we got this query from one of our clients:

I have about 1000 vCard contacts and I want to convert them into MBOX format. Having spent so many hours on the internet for searching a quick solution, I am completely messed up! Is there any application that can convert Gmail exported vCard contacts to MBOX file format. I have been your regular customer and hope that you won’t disappoint me this time too. Please show me the right way to do the same.

– Peter, USA

Likewise the above queries, our technical team often get various questions about exporting vCard contacts to different formats. BitRecover vCard Converter is an authentic utility that can easily manage to convert all your vCard contacts to different formats. But How to do this, let’s see in this section.

Step1: Firstly, download the software from the above-provided link.
Download New Purchase New

Step2: Add files or Add folders according to your requirement for importing the contacts.

Step3: Preview the vCard contacts by double-clicking on them.

Step4: Now, choose a desired saving option from the utility.


The software provides these saving options: export VCF to PST, CSV, MSG, EML, EMLX, PDF, MBOX, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC.

Step5: Finally click on the Convert tab to start the processing.

Frequent Queries Asked By Users

Ques1: Can I export multiple contacts from Gmail account at once to my computer?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to export Google contacts in bulk to computer.

Ques2: How can I export Gmail contacts to Outlook 2019?

Ans: You can manually export contacts from Gmail and then use the vCard conversion utility. In this software, there is a PST file saving option. You can convert the exported VCF contacts to PST format and thereafter, import it into MS Outlook.

Ques3: Does this procedure allows to export newly created Gmail contacts to phone too?

Ans: Yes, you can export all contacts from Gmail to phone with this manual procedure.


The above write-up explains a complete manual guide to export contacts from Gmail account. The described solution can be easily followed by both technical as well as non-technical users. If you still have any query regarding to export Google contacts, you can contact to our technical support team.

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