How to Convert Outlook Emails – Free Online Guide

Mark Regan | September 21st, 2021 | Convert Your Data

Whether you are moving to different email application or service, you have upgraded to new PC, you want a printable collection of your email messages or you simply need to make sure you don’t lose significant emails if something should happen to your system. You can simply download your email messages.

Once you export your MS Outlook emails, you can save the file to an external hard drive or back up them to another email client. The steps you can take depend on which version of Outlook you need to export emails from. As the different version of Outlook creates a variant file on a different platform. Read further to know in detail the way to convert Outlook emails to other file formats or email applications.

Steps to Export Microsoft Outlook Emails

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used application so it has its various versions that are operable on various platforms. Follow the given steps to convert Outlook emails to desired email application or email file format to manage the data accordingly.

Outlook for Windows

As MS Outlook creates two Outlook files on Windows OS – PST and OST.  Outlook stores all its data in the PST folder including calendars, contacts, etc. along with email folders that is why it is suggested that data must be maintained thoroughly.

Whereas the provision for offline storage is done so that users can have access to their Exchange mailbox locally. OST is a cache-based replica of the Server mailbox that offers the ability to work offline until the server connection is re-established. Therefore, this copy of the data file is one of a kind and has no backup maintenance before being synchronized with its respective mailbox on the server.

Convert Outlook PST Files

To migrate the data from Outlook PST directly, one can use PST Converter Software. As the software gives various options to save all the data files in the desired format as stated below:

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Download and install the mentioned product in your Windows machine.
  • If MS Outlook is configured on the same machine then, check the first option “convert configured Outlook mailbox” >> Next.

  • The software will upload all configured MS Outlook mailbox data on the application’s panel. If MS Outlook is not configured on a similar system then, select the second option “Select My Outlook mailbox data.”
  • The tool gives provides dual-mode to load PST files on the software’s panel, i.e. Select Files – To load PST file one by one on software and Select Folder – To load multiple PST files at once by storing in one folder.
  • Check the file that you need to convert from your Outlook PST >> click Next.

  • Choose desired email format or email application to save your PST file accordingly as we have chosen EML format.

  • Select desired location to save resultant files. You can check an option if you need to save converted messages on similar folder.

  • Choose the desired name from the list of naming options. Click on the Convert button to begin the procedure.

  • Once the conversion is done, the software will give a completion message on the screen.

Convert Outlook OST Files

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • The software will give an option to load .ost files, i.e. convert configured MS Outlook mailbox data.

  • The tool will preview folder in an application’s panel, select the desired folders to convert OST files >> click on Next. If your MS Outlook is not configured on your same system then, select the second option “Select My Outlook mailbox data.”
  • If you have to migrate multiple OST files then, the Select Folder option otherwise go with the Select Files option.
  • Browse data files from stored location by using the Select Folder option. The software will preview all folder. Check desired folder, which you have to import >> Next.

  • Choose the desired saving option in which you want to save your OST files.

  • Pick any file naming option and a destination path for the output.

  • Once the process is done, you will get the message of completion on your screen.

Outlook for Mac

On Mac OS, we can only use two Outlook versions, i.e. Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2011. This version of Personal Information Manager is built to render all similar facilities as Outlook for Windows does. Default storage path for this different of Outlook is also predefined but it does not save data file, in fact, saves a database file instead for the whole profile. The data file has to be made by manually exporting profile data in ‘.olm’ format.

To convert Outlook emails from Mac Outlook OLM files, one can use OLM Migrator. Follow the given steps to migrate OLM files to desired email file format and email client accordingly.

Download for Windows

  • Download and run software on your Windows machine.
  • If you want to load multiple .olm files then, Select Folder option. Otherwise, you can do for Select File option to execute desired .olm file migration.
  • After browsing data files from stored location, tool will display you the path >> Click on Next
  • If you want to extract data from your corrupt .olm files just, check for an option and click on Next.
  • The software will show all OLM folders then, check desired folders that are required to be moved >> Next.
  • From the saving options, choose your desired format as Exchange Server from list saving options.

how to convert outlook emails

  • Enter the credentials of your MS Exchange to perform the data migration process.
  • After completion of the procedure, you will get the message of completion on your screen.

For Online Outlook

Online Outlook is Outlook on the web that comes with Office 365 mailbox package. Check the steps to export Outlook emails from Online Outlook.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Download and install Email Backup Wizard on your system.
  • From the list of email sources, select Office 365.

  • Enter credentials of Online Outlook account >> click on Login.

  • The software will preview all the folders of the MS Office 365 account. Check the desired folder to be moved from Office 365 to IMAP.

  • From the list of file saving options, choose the desired option to perform data migration, as we have selected the IMAP option.

how to export outlook emails

  • Enter credentials of your IMAP server.
  • If you need to migrate a specific email then, check “Use Advance Mode” to use filter accordingly >> click on Backup.

  • After completion of migration, you will get a completion message.

In this way, you can easily export your MS Outlook emails in any of the desired email applications and email file format accordingly.


By ending, I must say that using a precise solution can make it easy to convert your MS Outlook mailbox emails easy from Windows Outlook (2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007), Outlook for Mac (2019, 2016, 2011), or Online Outlook.